Providing in-person counseling and psychotherapy in the Greater Boise area for individuals, couples, and adults who are adopted.


I’m genuinely glad you’re here. Allow me to walk alongside you, as I do so many others as they face some of life’s most overwhelming difficulties. Let me help you honor who you are and the quality of your relationships as you move towards resilient, purposeful and joyful living.

I provide counseling and psychotherapy for those struggling with the lingering effects of trauma, depression, anxiety, the effects of shame, attachment wounds, life and family change and transition, and relationship difficulties.

I thrive on connection with others and I’m ready to dive in with YOU. Mental health, emotional health, neurobiology, and overall physical wellness are my passions. My approach to therapy is to treat the “whole” person and get to the root cause of mental health symptoms.

My own life experiences have shown me the value of different perspectives and the importance of quality exploration of our lives, yet with a focus on the future, because that’s where we’re going, right? I’d love to help guide you through the understanding about yourself and your world that leads to swift, effective, and lasting healing.

Let’s move forward, together.

Who I Work With


Could you use help navigating life changes and challenges? Letting go of the past? Trusting yourself again? I can hold supportive space for you in these areas and more.


Could your intimate relationships handle conflict better? Have improved communication? Have trust restored? Relationship satisfaction is important and can be explored from an attachment perspective.


As a fellow adopted person, I can help you address grief and loss, the early trauma and its effects on adulthood, building families of our own, and the feelings around search and reunion that accompany our adoption experiences.

Working with Susan was one of the best things I did for myself. Brainspotting was so interesting to try and she explained it so well. It has literally changed my life.

Past Client, 2020

Life today is hard. But learning about self compassion and my role in my life and relationships gave me such a renewed perspective and with that, hope. Susan played an integral role in this for me and I am grateful.

Past Client, 2019